Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Mike Shaft

Mike Shaft needs no introduction. A legend in the North West's soul scene since the late 70's, broadcaster, presenter on Sunset radio with his show "taking care of business" and as a deejay he was at the helm of Manchester's Iconic groundbreaking clubs Placemate 7, Rafters and Legends in the early 80s alongside Greg Wilson.


Simon Mansell

London based Simon Mansell (Simon Says) has been on the Soul Funk and Jazz scene for over 30 years and was a resident at the legendary "Southport Soul Weekender" from it's inception.


Funky N 

North East based Funky N, Ex breakdancer, pop locker, producer and dj since 1980 at the legendary clubs  (Bennetts South Bank, Buddy's Stockton) . His first love is  Jazz funk and the soul sound of the 70s and 80s.